*Beekeeping: How To Install Wax Foundation In Pre-Assembled Frames*
By: NorthSlope
30 May 2020

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest son and I found some beekeeping equipment for sale. I was fortunate enough to purchase a new, assembled hive body with roof, bottom board and entrance reducer installed, a new metal queen excluder and (14) new assembled frames for $30.

While waiting on my nucs to arrive, I installed the wax foundation in the assembled frames using metal support pins purchased from Barnyard Bees.com

Metal support pin with open-end to accommodate/hold wax foundation:

There are numerous methods of installing foundation: metal support pins, rods, wire, fishing line, tooth picks, etc., but I opted to try metal support pins.

If I didn't get these frames so cheap, I'd probably have went with plastic frames and foundation, but that's another subject.

Two assembled frames without foundation:

I noticed several of the holes in the side of the frames weren't of uniform size, with some being small enough to pinch closed the open-end of the metal support pins, so to correct this, I drilled all the holes to a uniform size, using a 7/64" bit. This is the largest size that will hold the pins firmly in place and will not pinch the open-end closed.

After drilling the holes, I allowed gravity to help by flipping the frame upside down before inserting the wax foundation board.

Frame with wax foundation installed through the bottom slit, which is now on top due to turning the frame upside down:

Time to insert the pins. Some of the open-ends of the pins were pinched closed or close to it upon arrival; A straight-blade screwdriver works well to reopen the ends prior to installing.

I started at the "top" as pictured above; installing a pin in the top-right hole, then one in the top-left hole, etc, etc, etc. While installing the pins, you may need to rotate them so the open end will align with the edge of the wax foundation. In case you haven't figured it out, the edge of the wax foundation will slid into the open-end of the metal pin.

After all the metal support pins were installed, I lightly pinched them closed or near closed with my fingers.

Frame with wax foundation installed with metal support pins:

The frames are complete and ready to be installed into the hive body once my nucs arrive; more on this later.


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