*Whacko Survivalists*
Giving Survivalists A Bad Name

By: Jaden
18 October 2007

An ongoing problem for many years is that survivalists are plagued by whacked out idiots hence giving survivalism a bad name. Why? Because often times survivalists are stereotyped in to the same category as killers, rapists and bombers. The media will harp and harp about how a psycho whack job is a survivalist because they have a gun and wear camouflage or they can elude the authorities in the woods.

Let's look at a few-

* Chester Stiles

Chester Stiles - CNN.com

At the time of this article he is the suspect in sexual assault cases involving young girls one of which mentioned is under 7 years old. Here's a quote from the article on CNN's website: "Someone close to Stiles has told investigators that Stiles is a 'survivalist type' and always carries a weapon." Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett said."

So now in the media he is labeled as a "survivalist type". That can very easily give people the impression that a survivalist always carries a weapon and sexually assaults and exploits children and is otherwise unstable. The article does not define "survivalist type" so it's open to the imagination. What is a survivalist type? That is covered many times on the AlphaRubicon server. Here's a few different types.

So why is Chester Stiles a survivalist type? Just because he always carries a weapon? Or maybe he has survival movies or a big knife.

* Charles Ng & Leonard Lake

Charles Ng- - - - - - - - - -Leonard Lake
from Wikipedia.com

These two were EX- marines and termed survivalists. Together they tortured and killed mainly women. Authorities conclude together they killed 25 people, not including what they did seperately. Leonard Lake's humble abode contained a bunker and stash of weapons along with food stores. After his perceived nuclear global war he was going to rebuild the human race with his sex slaves. Years ago I watched a documentary on Ng how he was whining about his inhumane treatment in prison, the lighting not being correct and other such BS and stalled the judicial system. For a man who did what he did, when his neck was on the line he was a cry baby wussy.

* Theodore Kaczynski a.k.a "The Unabomber"

Theodore Kaczynski
from Wikipedia.com

In researching him, I found him related to a survivalist in Wikipedia. Here's the quote. David is his younger brother. "David had once admired and emulated his elder brother, but had later decided to leave the survivalist lifestyle behind." During his years as the Unabomber he lived a very primitive life style in a 10'x12' remote cabin in Montana.

* Eric Rudolph

Eric Rudolph
from Wikipedia.com

He is known for bombing abortion clinics as well as the Olympic games in 1996. Here's a quote from Wikipedia: "His mother believed in survivalism and instilled this ideology in him." So that leads people to believe he was a survivalist and relates survivalism to ruthless bombings and killings. I was a teenager when that all happened and I seem to remember hearing on the news about him being a survivalist. Which considering he was living out of dumpsters and eating acorns, salamanders and stealing from gardens, he was pretty good and lived that way for 5 years. So yeah, he survived and was a survivalist, the type that fits in to the whack job category.

* Is Survivalism bad?

You can have your own opinions. If you've ever watched Dirty Harry he says "Opinions are like @$$holes, everybody has one." Nutjobs give survivalism a bad name, plain and simple. The media pounding on the term "survivalist" in reference to whackos like shown above does nothing but instill negativity toward survivalism in weak-minded people who have no common sense and logic. Weak minded people listen to it and automatically believe it to be gospel. They burn "survivalists= bad, killers, bombs, rapists etc" in to their head and don't see the big picture.

The Boy Scouts of America's motto is "Be Prepared". Are Boy Scouts whacked out killers and bombers? I don't think so. Even our wonderful Fed and state governments are now publicly urging people to prepare. They won't call it "survivalism" since that might scare sheeple so they just call it "be prepared". It's the same thing. Look at homeland security's websites where they recommend people to stock water, food, flashlights, and batteries and to have an evacuation plan etc. They get many of their ideas and recommendations from right here on the Rubicon. They use OUR information for training and for their websites. They simply reword it and water it down so as not to overwhelm or scare the general public.

If you are not a survivalist, then you are a "deathist". If you don't prepare and strive to live then you will die. When infrastructure fails and the stores empty and you have nothing to eat you'll suddenly have the urge to want to live. When you are freezing to death in your house because there is no fuel oil or electricity to run the furnace, you'll wish you had prepared and had back up heating. When you're sitting in the dark for a week you'll wish you had alternate power.

The Rubicon does not tolerate unstable people. If somebody starts showing signs of instability they are quickly booted out. There have been some.

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