*Where is the closest…*
By: DanSurv
23 March 2004

One of the aspects of my preparations is to know where to find things that could/would be useful in short or long term emergency situations.

In my suburban neighbourhood I know within a one mile radius who has interesting types of vehicles, solar panels, large vegetable gardens, rainwater tanks, etc., etc. Just from strolling around with the kids on weekend afternoons and taking notice (and notes).

However, there are a number of things I want to know where to obtain if I ever need them. Enter the Yellow Pages. In Denmark they have an internet function called "find closest". You can enter any search word and it will find the 10 closest in any category complete with a map, addresses and phone numbers.

Some ideas for categories that I have searched and printed are:

I am sure you get the picture and can think of a lot more. They just may come in handy.

Anyone can do this and enough people know about these places even without research for them to quickly become empty. The next step is to find out where these places get their goods from, e.g. food and medical wholesales, warehouses of all kinds, dock areas. That may take a bit more research and it will comprise taking an interest in industrial areas that I would not normally deem worthy of much attention.

The method can also be used for a primitive form of threat assessment, e.g. if there are any chemical facilities or factories using potentially hazardous chemicals upwind or upriver from your area.

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