*Winter BOB Contents*
By: Rudy
9 January 2004

My current B.O.B. is a CFP90 that I carry in my truck. In the lower compartment I have my winter/artic bag. Itís a -60 synthetic fill bag by Slumberjack. I have a space blanket along with a 6íX8í tarp.

The main compartment carries my food and spare clothing. I keep a set of BDUís in a vacuum sealed bag. In a separate bag I keep socks and underwear. I also keep a polypro sweater, Gore-Tex parka, down vest, along with a spare watch cap and gloves.

The food goes into a special net bag. It is mostly MREís and dehydrated foods. I keep a couple small cans of meat with my stainless steel 3 qt cooking pot. I keep about a weekís worth of food in the bag. I have a 1 liter Nalgene bottle that is full of instant potatoes, salt, and butter buds. All I have to do is boil water, and make some instant gravy. I occasionally keep a second bottle with rice in the bag.

The cooking pot has a flat locking bale handle. It works great because if it is hung over a fire, it canít tip and spill.

My stove and fuel are carried in the long outside pocket of the pack. I have a special padded carrying case for the stove. I donít want the fuel to ever leak onto anything in the bag so thatís why it is in the outer pocket. My stove I currently use is an MSR XGX multifuel stove. It can run on 14 different fuels, with only a change of the orifice jet. I currently have it set to run on gasoline, or white gas. I have used diesel in past winters, but it is too hard to start diesel in the cold. The fuel tank is a 33oz MSR bottle. If I run my stove an hour a day, this fuel will last over 10 days.

I carry a first need water filter along with 2 more Nalgene bottles in the upper outside pockets.

In the flap pocket, I carry a map of the area Iím in, and an inflatable water bladder. It holds 2.5 gallons.

Other items carried in the pack are a set of 10x21 binoculars; a cheap NVD, 50í of para cord, full survival kit is in the detachable day pack.

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