*IC 2008*
International Campout
By: Jaden
07 November 2008

This year’s IC was a real IC since we were invaded by Canadians. It was held in August in the mid south.

Our scenery from the site---------------------------------The crew

Mmcguy, Me, Sherrie & Abby-------------------------------------------MaxF9 learning archery

Blizzard & War's Lady, Colibri-----------------------------------------Camp

A friend of the landowner is a champion archer and offered to teach an archery class. He is GOOD. There’s nothing like having a master for an instructor for free of course.

A few months before the IC, War's wife, Colibri (a STAUNCH Anti-Gun Liberal), thought that guns 'just went off sometimes' because of vibrations and killed people that walked by them, and she really believed that sometimes they just exploded for no reason. She's highly educated and very smart, she just never had any real world experience. What she thought she knew about guns came from her friends and associates who also had no real world experience with them. She had never even seen a real gun first-hand, and didn't want to. Now here she is at the IC on the range and she comes by shooting naturally. She carries an AWESOME customized S&W M&P 9mm

There were a lot of good classes this year.

CountryLady’s canning class---------------------------------Me and CM-------------------------------Duff’s bee keeping class

Entropy teaching the kids a medical class---------------------------------------------Entropy and Hipshot

Fireman, his wife and Sierra37--------------------------------------Redhead with a gun :)

Goshin with a few of the youngin’s------------------------------All youngin’s like fire

Radio class-------------------------------------------------Sierra’s tarp started sagging during Warlord’s torrential rain
(War thought they were all 'Volunteering For Anything In Advance', and put them all to work! :)

We had a few rain showers during the Pre-IC, but 10 minutes after Warlord showed up it opened up and friggin’ poured. It’s all his fault. His girlfriend must think she’s special or something considering a couple of husky Rubie men assisted her getting a car up the slippery grade.

Juba’s just as good as a tow truck----------------------------- The water brigade

Sierra rigging a tarp while Blackhawk patiently waits

This year the two most important people in camp were Mongrelcat and Dementor (let’s not forget the associated helpers). “Mongrelcat’s Kitchen” and “The Demented Diner” combined were awesome!! The Pre-IC crew arrived Monday to start setting up the camp. The Demented Diner opened and we ate good. I asked our archery friend if he was going to stay for supper on the first official night and he declined. I then told him what we ate the previous night and sure enough, I saw him in the chow line. If you starve at an IC, it’s your own fault.

Sherrie, Duff (note her shirt) and Mongrel-------------------------------------------Mongrel has Dementor trained well :)

Mongrel hard at work-----------------------------He’s serious about his BBQ

and so are we!

This year Rubicon history was made. 5 Rubies passed their Amateur Radio tests and became Technician class operators. The Volunteer Examiners were also Rubies. The VE’s hailed from SC, GA, OK and NC. Try pulling that all together. We held the exam session in town. One VE who was unable to attend the IC drove 200 miles one way to get to the exam location just to help give the tests. His Rubie wife accompanied him and helped out.

The new hams were presented their certificates in front of the entire camp

The Chinese gift exchange this year was….well…. l-o-o-n-n-g. Lesson learned…there needs to be a limit on how many times one gift gets moved.


War talking about something (he hates talking, so we make him)------Professional criminals at work

Safe Team--------------------------------------------------Medical Team

SgtBlade taught a sword fighting class. Apparently nobody got banged up too bad because nobody started hollering for a medic on the radio.

USA vs Canada-------------------------------Starting to look serious

No, we’re not a bunch of anti government whacko nut jobs. In the above pictures here’s some of what you have seen- Feds, former police officers, ER physicians, Paramedics, RN’s, several EMT’s, firefighters, engineers, Army Rangers, plumbers, electricians, pilots, a flight instructor, knife maker, surgeons, ‘very’successful business owners, realtors, an Army recruiter, a heavy rigger, tower climber and a retired school teacher. That’s only scratching the surface.


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