*Two Dollar BlowGun*
By: Chief

  • To make this blow gun you will need.
  • a 4-5 foot piece of 1/2" copper water pipe
  • Some coat hangers or thin brazing rod(brazing rod preferred)
  • a role of 1/2 inch masking tape
  • Sand paper and a round file
  • some graphite powder(optional)
  • a set of good lungs

    1) First take your pipe and cut to desired length that is manageable to shoot with.

    2) Clean of the burs on the ends with a round file and sand paper.

    3) Cut coat hangers or brazing rods into 4" pieces and file one end of each to a point.

    4) Take masking tape and turn it on to the dull end of each piece of rod until it barely fits into the copper pipe, a little loose is better.

    5) You can put graphite into the pipe to make the dart slide better but check your lips afterwards to make sure you don't have a ring left over afterwards. :0)

    If you practice with these you get very accurate and the power depends on how hard you blow. They are hard to pull out of a wooden target and will be perfect for taking out small birds,grouse or squirrels at under 10 paces.

    Have fun. My Junior Rangers built these and they had a gas.

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