*Team Bean Garden*

Beans Beans Beans, Beans Everywhere (We hope)

By Eli

20 May 2003


First of allÖ. Iíve got the coolest landlord you could possibly get. Across the road from the house is an old 30-acre bean field. Itís flat and grown in with grass, but itís there and heís been looking for a use for it. The team has a few gardens scattered throughout the area. This year we just added 2 more here. I talked to my landlord about tilling up some of the bean field and he said no prob. I told him he could have all the beans he wants and I *think* weíll have plenty.

Well it was getting on late in the afternoon and JW rang me on the radio. Hey, Iím cominí yer way w/ the tiller. A little while later he rolled in and we commenced a bustiní up ground.


JW starting on it

This Pasquali (Italian Stallion) tractor is the shieet! Good piece of machinery

Me playing, JWís up in the bucket w/ the dog


Nice soil

The soil is going to be soddy and lumpy this year until it gets tilled over a few more times and some fertilizer gets worked in.

If Eli sees his shadow does it mean summerís here??

When it was all said and done we had about 5000 SQ feet busted up. Weíll see how this does this year and the produce of it. Can always go bigger next year. Got an idea that this is going to produce a lot of dry beans and of course theyíll store forever.

JW busted up some more for my garden in a different location thatís partially hidden from the road. Weíre not worried about people seeing a bean garden cuz we doubt anybody would steal beans. Itís too much work. Theyíll steal blueberries first. I donít know exactly what Iím gonna grow yet. Iím hoping for peppers, onions, a few potatoes (big team potato garden is elsewhere), some corn and things that I like. Just so if I want an ear of corn or something I donít need to run to one of the other gardens to get it.

Weíll keep you all posted on how the gardening experiences go and what the outcome is.


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