*Bit and Brace*
Primitive Hole Drilling
By: Jaden
18 December 2007

One of my favorite hand tools has always been the bit and brace. Itís an effective way to drill holes without power tools.

This is the brace. It has a keyless chuck and can be set to ratchet clockwise or counterclockwise. It will also lock in a stationary position. (no ratcheting) The ratcheting is useful in tight places where the brace canít be spun in a 360 circle.

Brace-----------------------------------Ratcheting selector

The chuck will hold a modern screw bit. The picture above shows it with a phillipís head bit.

The drill bits look different than modern ones. The tips have a threaded barb which screws into the wood and pulls the bit through, requiring little pressure to drill the hole. Some bits are adjustable for varying size holes.

Various bits------------------------------------------Threaded Barb------------------Adjustable Bit

Squared End (doesnít slip in the chuck)

The tip supporting the brace-------------------Swivel handhold---------------------------------------Does a good job

Under 10 seconds to drill through a ĺĒ piece of wood


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