*BOB Sewing Kit*

By Nerisa

17 February 2004




Again this is just another way to keep things small and light. The trick is getting it all to fit in the film canister.

Here is how:

Place three of the bobbins in the canister that will be the first layer. Best to put the colors you will less likely need to use, cause these will be the hardest to get back out. Then place the other three bobbins on top of them; this will make the second layer.


first layer second layer


To help keep things from just floating around, place all the needles down in the hole of one of the bobbins. After that place all the safety pins in another bobbin. Next just cram the buttons and the treading aid along side of the bobbins. The cap should fit on just right, if not try rearranging the buttons a little.


The end result is a sewing kit that is small and needle friendly, meaning your wont get poked by any of the needles. Also I put a label on mine, with just a little masking tape.



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