*Simple Wasp Trap*
By: 2manytoyz
22 July 2006

Back when I was about 4 years old, I was visiting my great-grandparents in England.  I noticed they had little mason jars all over their garden.  These were full of wasps.  Now 37 years later, I found that my yard had a number of wasps being attracted to a loquat tree.  I wasn't worried so much about me, but my puppy has been zapped by one already when he tried to bite it.

This is a project that won't cost you money, and only a few minutes of your time.  These are non-toxic, have no smell (at least to humans), and require no batteries.  You'll need a small jar (mason, pickle, mayo, etc.), a hammer, and a punch of some sort (Phillips screwdriver works great).


The only tools needed.

I punched a hole in the soft tin lid, then widened it a bit by moving the screwdriver to the edge of the hole and hitting it again.

The inside should be flared like this.  Prevents the bugs from finding their way out.

I used honey with equal parts water in my trap.  Could have used some jam or jelly too.

Using a tie-wrap, I attached it to a branch in the tree.  This keeps the dog and kids away from it.  I left the tie wrap a little loose.  It allows me to lift the jar out when needed.

Only out for a day before it started trapping bugs.


Make 1, or as many as your infestation demands.  Very simple, can even get the kids to help.  Mine is hidden in the tree, and very difficult to spot.  The wasps are almost gone a couple of weeks later with only 1 trap, but I have a small yard.  Rather than clean out the jar and reuse it, I plan on throwing it away and putting out a new one. 

Soaking my yard in poison to get rid of some wasps was an option, but sometimes the old ways are still the best.  Keep in mind your kids are watching and learning from you ALL the time, whether you think they're paying attention or not.  I hadn't seen this technique used since I was 4, but I remember it well...


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