*Jar Candles*

How to get the excess wax out

By Nerisa

02 March 2004




When you use a jar candle the wax around the edge doesn’t go down, so eventually you can cover the wick with the melting wax.**




butter knife - heat source

Take the butter knife and heat it up in the heat source, then make a small cut down one side of the candle wax from the edge by the jar to the center, using a little force and while holding the candle at an angle. Repeat as many times as needed till the cut in the candle looks like this.

Make another cut about 2 inches to either the left or right of the first cut, and repeat till you have something resembling this.


Make a third cut along the bottom,

at a down angle towards the jar

between the first two cuts.

Once you have all three cuts, take the butter knife and slide it behind the cut out section of wax and push against it, then slide it in the third cut and push up on the wax. After a couple of times the wax will just pop out.





Repeat until all the wax has been removed.



**If you weren’t paying attention to the candle when you were using it and buried the wick in wax, then you need to use the knife to dig the wick out. Once done you need to light the wick.

Hold the candle at an angle so as the let the extra wax fill in were you just cut the chunks out (which is why the third cut is made at an angle). You will also have to rotate the candle to remove as much of the extra wax as you can.


Once done you now have a "new" candle, but be careful, this doesn’t mean that it will not end up looking like it did before you cut all the wax out. Oh yeah, and save the wax….you could make it into a new candle.


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