*Getting the Most from Your Candles*
By: Solar
24 June 2003

1. More Wicks Equal More Light

A candle with multiple wicks can provide sufficient light for almost any purpose. Typically, the size of the candle doesn't matter as it is the number of burning wicks that determines the amount of light. There is no need to purchase the expensive extra-large versions of the multiple wick candles sold by candle shops and department stores when the large four-wick scented candle from Wal-mart can do the job.

2. Candles in Glass Refract More Light

Small candles and tea lights generate a generous amount of light when reflected and refracted from inside a glass. Look for candleholders that have glass around the pedestal. These small candles will emit more light than a candle not contained in a glass. In addition, the glass can provide addition protection from fire.

3. Mirrors Refract More Light

Placing a candle in front of a mirror generates a reflection of the flame that doubles the light in the room. There is a story of how Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, once used a mirror to reflect the light of candles in order for a surgeon to perform a surgical procedure at night (typically, before the light bulb all surgery had to be performed during daylight hours).

4. White Walls Refract More Light

Placing a candle next to a white or light-colored wall will also increase refraction. To increase the refractiveness even more, place the candle on a high surface in the corner of a room to reflect the light from both the side walls and the ceiling.


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