*Canning Butter*
By: fkat
22 October 2006

Here's how I can butter for an alternative way of storing it. I found the "recipe" from End Times Report.


This time I canned 4 pounds of salted. It takes a stainless steel pot to *cook* it in, and 4 pint size canning jars. It works out to about 1 pound per jar, but there's some left over, so 5 jars would be closer. When I made this batch there was about 10 ounces left over that I did not can.


Wash the jars and lids beforehand, this time I used a dishwasher, then place the jars in the oven at 250 for 30 minutes. The lids and rings go into simmering water until ready to use.


Slowly heat the butter to boiling and simmer for at least 5 minutes. I did it for 10 minutes here. This is to help with keeping the butter from separating in the jar. Stir often to keep butter from burning.


When the jars and butter are ready, then pour the butter into the jars leaving about 3/4" space for shaking. Place the lids on and secure with rings. You'll here the lids *ping* as they seal. Use a towel or something to hold the jars and shake them every 5 minutes, or so, as they cool to keep the butter from separating. Once they've cooled some I put them in the fridge to cool a little faster, checking and shaking every few minutes. Once the butter has solidified that's it. Notice the jar in the back-left. This one took a lot of shaking and watching.



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