*Home Made Cooking Rack*

Junk Put to Use

By Jaden

15 April 2004


I had a few pieces of round stock that I cut out of an old broken piece of tower that I found. Just had a feeling that I should hang on to them. So I did.

Then I got the idea to make a cooking rack out of them. A good solid one for an open fire.

Regular rack

I simply welded 4 of ‘em into a square. Then welded in 2 more for a center. This would work fine as long as we had bricks or something to support it. Wait…it can be better.

I had 4 pieces left so I figured they’d work for legs.

Went and welded 2 together @ 90 degrees. Then did the same with the others.


Then I inserted the legs into the rack, centered them up and glued ‘em.


I had to do the welding with a MIG cuz I don’t have an ARC. I got fairly good penetration and the rack feels pretty solid.

We’re going to try it out tonight when we fry some steaks over an open fire.


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