*Cool season crops*
By: StudentNurse
14 September 2005

In this article we will discuss fall gardening

1- In TN you can plant (list below) in the fall. Check with your local agriculture extension office if you are unsure of want to plant in the fall or any reputable nursery will assist you in the fall selection.

The plants you plant in the fall are called cool season crops. These are some that I will be planting next week -- Turnips and mustard greens , collard grees. Leafy green vegetables are some of the best foods a person can consume!

2- First you need to salvage any fruit left on the vines that you can still eat. If the fruit is not ripe , just throw it on the compost pile.

3- Remove any and all diseased plants, you can dispose of them in the trash or if you have a hot compost pile it can go in there.( I prefer you to put them in the trash- this helps with the spread of disease)

4-Spread 2-3 inches of compost on top of the garden , this will enhance the nutrient quality of the soil (plus its free fertilizer)

5-Then incorporate this compost into the garden. Dont go really deep with the rototiller/tiller b/c this can damage the structure of the soil.

6-Place the plants or seed in a trench and replace the soil. Then water the seeds or plants in.

7- The important reminder in fall keep check of your moisture content. Since it is so dry in the fall the seeds may not germinate.

8-Just keep watch of your garden and you should have a fall garden producing in no time.

9- as a reminder keep the garden area clean from debris to prevent infestation of insects and diseases.

This is what I will be doing next week for our family fall garden. What will you be doing next week?

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