*Crisp Bread*
By: Spitfire
21 August 2005

Several Rubie members were discussing Crisp Bread on the Back to Basics Forum and since I had no personal experience with this type of food, I got me interested in seeing what could be done with it. Apparently itís common in European countries but I had some trouble finding a local source in the USA.

Finally I found it at Ikea, a huge European outlet store in our area. They had several types; this is what I ended up with. It cost $2.49 US for this slightly more than one pound package.

This Crisp Bread is made from rye flour and appears to be a nutritious and healthy food.

Opening the package I found six of these large Crisp Bread disks. The bread is hard and dry and breaks easily into smaller pieces. The taste by itself is somewhat bland but itís one of those things that you soon get used to and want more of.

I spread some low fat margarine on a couple of pieces and added two slices of cheese.

20 seconds in the nuker and I had an instant cheese sandwich. Very tasty! After that I tried toasting a couple pieces which worked well with some margarine on it.

The cheese sandwich worked so well I made a peanut butter and marmalade sandwich - also delicious!

OK the main reason for checking out this type of bread was to improve bread preps. While Wifee and I can make conventional bread having some stored up and ready for immediate use would be a real plus in an emergency. The Crisp Bread is extremely dry so as long as I can keep the moisture from it I suspect it will last "forever".

I vacuum packed several pieces of Crisp Bread. I thought they might break up when the vacuum was applied but they held up fine. These large disks barely fit in the vacuum bags! Next time I will buy the smaller, rectangular Crisp Bread for long term vacuum storage.

All in all Crisp Bread is going to become a valuable addition to our food preps.

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