*Debris Hut*
By Narrowboat

This is a method to provide minimal shelter from the elements when one is lost or moving quickly out of an AO that is not healthy for you.

While you are traveling through an area, you must be on the watch for anything and everything that you might be able to use or that might compromise your location. In light of this, there are a couple of things you will need to be looking for to construct a debris hut. You will need to have several good size limbs as well as material such as boughs from pine trees or any tree that has copious quantities of leaves.

Lean the limbs against any vertical surface such as a fallen log or a large rock or an embankment. Pile the boughs onto the limbs from the base to the top. You will need to leave an opening large enough to crawl into. Then pile fallen leaves and other plant matter onto the boughs. Leave enough material to fill in the opening that you left to enter the hut. This will allow your body to heat the space.

In the winter, I would pile snow on top of the plant matter to increase the insulation factor.

Now, you don`t need to limit your materials to what has been listed here. Anything that can be scrounged or pilfered is fair game when it comes to a situation where your life is endangered by the elements and you have very little material to work with. Just use this article to open your mind to the possibilities.

Watch your six and always be aware of your surroundings.


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