*How to Make a Dog Vomit*
By: Peanut
11 October 2005

Unfortunately, there are times when your dog gets into something he/she shouldn’t have. One day my puppy got into the garbage and ate 5 pork chop bones. I was worried because they splinter, and we all know that can be big trouble for a dog. I called the Emergency Pet Center and was given the following recipe to bring the bones back up:

Give the dog 1 slice white bread. After the dog is done eating the bread, feed him a mixture of one-half can of dog food mixed with ˝ cup milk. This will give the offending items something to bind to. Mix together 10 teaspoons of warm water and 10 teaspoons hydrogen peroxide. Let the dog drink as much as he will, give him the rest with a turkey baster. If the dog doesn’t start to vomit shortly you can repeat the water/peroxide step.

This recipe has come in handy more than once. If there isn’t anything sharp in the dog’s stomach you can skip the bread and dog food mixture.

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