*Why I Use Epsom Salt in the Garden*
By: LL4e
14 June 2004

I wanted to show everyone what a difference it makes with and without with only water being added all of these plants was planted on the same day and time. I am showing you ones I am growing with the sq. ft. method.

All of these photo's were just taken today.

I do have several baby tomatoes now.

However now the non Epsom salt plants will be fed it also this was only to show those what a difference it makes. I'd highly suggest putting some away it has many other uses for a survival and daily living. It is actually a mineral and not a salt it is like giving your plants a mega vit. shot.

In the Garden

House Plants
Mix one teaspoon per gallon of water and feed to the plants every two to four weeks.

Garden startup
Sprinkle approximately one cup per 100 square feet. (10x10) and mix into soil before planting.

Apply one tablespoon per foot of height for each plant every two weeks.

Apply one teaspoon per foot of height for each plant every two weeks.

Evergreens, Azaleas, Rhododendrons
Apply one tablespoon per nine square feet (3x3) over the root zone every two to four weeks.

Apply three pounds per 1250 square feet (25x 50)
Apply six pounds per 2500 square feet (50x 50)
Apply twelve pounds per 5000 square feet (50x 100)

Apply two tablespoons per nine square feet (3x 3) over root zone every four months.

Like your body, your plants will suffer from a lack of nutrients. Just a spoonful of Epsom Salt is like a multi vitamin, and can prevent weak stalks and yellow leaves. And for big, healthy vegetables, sprinkle Epsom Salt around the base of each plant.

Q: Why is Epsom Salt good for plants?
A: Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is a mineral plants need for a stronger root structure and to facilitate the uptake of chlorophyll. Its use is advocated by many master gardeners and landscape professionals.

Disclaimer: ;-) :
The above measurements given are guidelines; results may vary from case to case.

All I can say is that is has worked for me ever since I started to work in a garden.

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