*Fire From Plastic*
Never Be Cold Again
By: Auflister_geliebte
10 May 2008

I pulled out my pack to go to the deer lease and started looking thru it to see what needed to be replaced or repacked. I found my plastic fire starter. I call it my plastic heater but you probably know it as a "Fresnel lens".

These can be picked up at any office supply store for around $10.00 dollars.

I have had mine for going on 3 years and it has never failed to bring forth FIRE. I used it this trip to the lease to light the fire in the bar-b-que pit. Also made $40 on a bet. (never bet a ruby that they can't start a fire without matches or a lighter, you will lose every time. HA)

The only thing you need to make fire is an unobstructed view of the sun and a fair amount of kindling. Remember to hold your lens so that the ribbed side is facing the sun. I grabbed the camera after I started so there is not pics of the kindling but it was just folded over broomweed and dried grass. I made a ball of kindling the size of a softball and used the lens to create a hot spot and poof. I made fire.

I know it is hard to see but using one of these lenses will start flames very quickly. This is NOT your grandmothers magnifying glass.

I focused the small point of light on the kindling ball I made and within 20 seconds I had embers glowing. I folded that over and with a couple of breaths I had a nice flame going. I placed it in the bottom of the grill and started piling my small sticks that I GATHERED BEFOREHAND... YOU DO GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES FIRST DON'T YOU?

Within 3 minutes I had a nice flame going.

The Fresnel lens only weighs a few ounces and fits in a common pack if you place it behind the shoulder straps no muss, no fuss. I carry one in my truck, in my pack and also in my binder at work... You never know. Buy one and use it. You will be surprised at how good you get in the fire making department. This is a must have item in my opinion. It is waterproof and windproof and will never let you down.

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