*The Ho*

Build Yer Own

By Jaden

19 July 2003


With all of the gardening going on this year I needed a ho. It just so happens that when we burnt an old barn, a ho head was in the rubble. I brought it home and used a piece of conduit for a handle. I had screwed it in originally and it kept loosening up. A few days later I scored a new MIG welder. So the screw came out and I welded the conduit into the head.

The handle was only about 4’ long. I was out in the garden one hot day and I had to bend over quite a bit to be able to use the thing. Well…this won’t do.

Back up to the barn I went. Found another piece of conduit about 3’ long and welded it onto the end of the handle. There…says I. I can stand straight up now.

I used it like this for awhile and then got another bright idea. Why not have a 90 degree standoff so that the handle’s easier to hold? So today, I found another piece of conduit. I cut it to the length I wanted and then lightly hammered the middle of it until I had a flat spot for welding. After a little thought I decided to weld it onto the bottom of the handle. Will splain in a sec.

Getting ready to weld the T- handle on.

T-handle welded on

Now I’ve got something to pull on.

Remember I said that I welded the T-handle to the bottom. Here be why.

So I can still grab below the T-handle w/o having to reach over it.

The T-handle is short enuff that it doesn’t hit me in the gut when I pull. If it does…that’s what they made hack saws for.

Here’s the final outcome. It clocks in at just over 7’ tall.

Happy Ho’in.


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