*Genie Man Lift*
Cherry Picker

By: Jaden and Sierra37
17 December 2007

Task at hand= Smurf…uhhhh….paint Sierra and Duff's house. Sierra has a paint sprayer and it works good, it doesn't take long to cover some area. However, it meant frequently moving ladders. We spent more time moving them than we did painting. The big ladder on the left weighs about 20 tons. Oh…as a side note the question of "If you choke a Smurf what color does it turn?" the answer is "Bluer".

Sierra went and got a Genie cherry picker figuring we could use it to paint the house, trim tree limbs and finish the back of his garage.

The machine runs on 4 Trojan T-105 batteries and can be charged with 110VAC. Maximum height is 34 feet and maximum platform load is 500 lbs. It has to be level to operate and has sensors that'll prohibit it from lifting if it becomes unleveled and yep, they are pretty sensitive. The only option is down. Notice above the tire is off the ground. The outriggers will hold the weight of the machine and are controlled independently

To level the machine-

There are two bubble levels located near the ground controls. Utilize these and use the outriggers to level the machine. The red STOP button must be pulled out both on the ground and platform controls. Use the key switch and select ground controls. The green-lighted buttons control the outriggers. On this particular machine, notice the button with the blue circle around it and the button with the yellow circle around it. If you hold the blue one down and then push an outrigger button the outriggers will come up. If you hold the yellow one down and push the outriggers button they will go down.

From the ground an operator can have full control of the boom and platform functions.

Bubble levels------------------------------------------Ground controls

Tilt sensor

This machine has two tilt sensors, one on either side. If the bubble isn't in the circle the boom won't go up.

Before trying to move the booms- There is a transport lock to keep the booms from bouncing while being towed behind a vehicle. Be sure to unlock it.

Boom lock

Platform Controls-

Using the key switch, select platform controls. From the platform you cannot adjust the outriggers, only the boom and platform functions.

Platform controls

Make sure the red STOP button is pulled up. Next to that is a small knob, which is speed control. You can select how fast you want the machine to respond to the controls. Notice the yellow and blue-circled buttons. Yellow is downward functions and blue is upward functions. They are also used to select which way you want the boom to rotate. The upper boom also extends out about 10 feet. Simply hold the blue button and push the boom in/out and out it goes. To retract it hold the yellow and hold the boom in/out button and in it goes. Very simple thing to operate….and yes…there are even pictures! :o)

Me spraying Smurf paint-----------------------------and yes, of course I have on proper fall PPE

Sierra going up

We were able to do about 99% of the entire end of the house w/o having to reposition the machine. The only thing we couldn't reach was to the left of the above-pictured bushes. That was easily reachable with a short ladder. As a last thought on this thing…. If you're in the platform and Sierra's on the ground, don't let him drive you using the ground controls to attempt and speed up the process. He tends to get his ups and downs confused. At least my thick head didn't damage the trim board. :o/
Jaden & S37

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