*Changing a Maul Handle*
By: Jaden
11 June 2007

Yea, I guess I don't know my own strength. :o/ I broke my splitting maul handle. It's one my dad made several years ago.

To change the handle, remove the old one. This one was loose so I just cut the handle right at the head and then drove it through with a hammer and punch.

To install a new one, you might need to use a wood rasp to decrease the diameter to fit the hole in the head. This one didn't need any modification. Insert the handle in to the hole and then use a hammer to drive it in. Ensure that it's driven in COMPLETELY. There should be some extra protruding through the head. Once the handle is tight, use a saw and cut off the remainder. Then use a metal wedge (not a screw or a bunch of screws).

Tight fit

Metal wedge

Drive the wedge in to the handle at a diagonal angle. Mine started diagonally and twisted some, but it'll work.

Wedge in


Check to ensure that the handle is still tight and you should be good to go!

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