*Easiest way (we’ve found) to move chickens*
By: NightWind and MacGuyver
29 February 2004

Wait until about an hour after dark, the chickens should be well asleep by then provided they have a good dark coop to roost in. Have a small flashlight handy but get your eyes accustomed to the dark as you will be doing most of this in very low light. Have enough boxes with tight lids to give each chicken about 1 square foot of floor space with adequate head room.

Enter the roosting area without letting in any more light than necessary, locate the first chicken, using both hands grasp the chicken around the body with both wings pressed to her sides, place her inside the box gently then close the lid. Repeat this process until you have the whole flock in boxes. Now you can move them to their new home, if you are lucky you can get them into their new home before the sun comes up and you can just reverse the process.

Lots easier then chasing a bunch of squawking, flapping chickens and trying to keep from being pecked and hoping one doesn’t escape when you put the next one in the box, not to mention that stress like that will usually stop them from laying for several days.
NightWind and MacGuyver

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