*Nature’s Refrigerator*
Thinking Out of the Box
By: Jaden
02 April 2009

How many times have we heard about it? A severe winter storm passes through an area knocking out power and people lose their frozen and refrigerated goods. Some people go stock up right before the storm and then lose it all. It happens all the time. A few months ago a storm hit Massachusetts and the rest of the northeast. I read in a news story about some lady talking about how she lost all of her food. An elderly friend of mine here in town told me about her daughter who was in the same boat. She was absolutely disgusted that her own daughter and her “doh doh” husband didn’t have the brains to put their stuff out in the snow.

We had a storm come through here Sunday night which brought heavy wet snow and took down trees, power and phone lines. Our ambulance base was on back up power from Sunday night until after I left Tuesday morning. My g/f and I don’t have any back up power here at the temporary residence. Since we are only going to be here a few months there was no sense in setting things up. If needs be I can set up the generator and wire it in. I can also run an extension cord out and plug it in to the truck’s inverter. Sometime early Monday morning while I was out and about we lost power at the house. When I came back in the early afternoon the refrigerator was still cold. We both had to be on ambulance duty at 1800 and not knowing when the power would be restored, I used nature’s refrigerator.

Everything was put in to containers and then set out back in the snow. That was done at 1700 Monday night. When I got home at 1000 Tuesday morning everything was fine. The ONLY problem was the Sherbet it was soft, but not melted. The ice cream, hamburger, meatballs, blueberries and other frozen foods were still rock hard. The milk, orange juice, yogurt and refrigerated stuff was cold, but not frozen or slushy.

The fridge--------------------------------------Hard as a rock

Frozen goods

If the sun is shining it can heat up the contents of the containers. Put them in the shade, if you have no shade pack snow around and on top of them.

If you have coolers and need to keep food inside for whatever reason and need ice, go outside and gather up icicles.

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