*Noodles for jugging*
By: Duckman
13 November 2008

Disclaimer: This Article is not to be confused with the art of noodeling. Noodeling or “nubbin” as it has been nicknamed is the practice of sticking ones hand in hole under water and wiggaling the fingers until a Giant cat fish attacks you’re hand “as seen on Bear Grills”. As a survivalist and a semi sane individual I can not in good faith recommend any body try this. The reason it has been re nicknamed “nubbin” is because fish are not the only things that live in these holes there are snapping turtles that can bite and have bitten men's fingers clean off along with cotton mouths and if your in Florida or a gulf coast state , possibly gators. It’s just not a smart or safe thing to try, but many a man sure to say the last words “Hold my beer and watch this!!” will try it. The choice is yours

Do you have an old child’s swim toy called a noodle in your home? Don’t know what to do with it but don’t want to throw it away? I’ve got the answer. It’s been established that hunting trapping and fishing for survival is different than fishing for fun. So if you’re looking to try something new to practice with while you’re out bass fishing you can try jug fishing for catfish with a child’s noodle. Jug fishing got its name because people originally started using old milk jugs as a bobber tied onto a piece of fishing line with a hook. Now a new way to do this is to cut a noodle into 6 inch to a foot sections. Tie a peace of line on about the length of your arm and then tie a hook onto that. Simply bait the hook with your favorite Cat fish bait and wait for it to go start splashing. If your using minnows and catch a small blue gill or bream, tie on a bigger hook and hook the fish through the back. And use it to catch a bigger fish. I guarantee this will catch fish and would be practical in a survival environment.

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