*Not Quite Survival Fishing*
By: Hickory
16 April 2005

I spent some time today out fishing and got to thinking about what you really need to catch fish. I took a look for articles addressing fishing and, of course, found some good ones addressing survival fishing. But wouldn't you agree there is a level down from that? I ask because I was considering a possible article on what should be included in a basic plus fishing kit. Obviously a basic fishing kit can fit in a cough drop box, but what about having a bit more? What would be important, and or useful?

Assumptions I am making... I am figuring that some type of casting fishing pole would be available as we discuss this area. I am also figuring that this is a level up from recreational fishing... meaning that you are going to keep moving and just throwing bait out is not the best way.


Some of the things that came to mind...


A few different lures. These should be chosen based on the area you are in. Remember, different fish eat differing kinds of food in a given area. Local knowledge is of tremendous help.


Something to keep your caught fish on. We have all seem this kind of thing... I never learned what it is called. A piece of paracord would work.


I am not a big jig fan. But some of the heads with a bunch of the plastic bodies work great with different kinds of fish.


A few pieces of weight. I have found that there are times the conditions will not allow my lightweight lure to go out far enough or the lure doesn't go to the depth I want it. To remedy this I found it useful to add just a bit of weight. It keeps the lure from popping so too fast and allows me to cast a bit farther... or cast at all when the wind kicks up.


Extra line. This is so important. What happens when your line fouls and becomes useless? I found some 1/4 inch foam, rolled it up and wrap a bunch of line around it. It takes up little room and provides something for me to fall back on in case I have a major foul.


You should already have a knife on you... but having a small sharp one as part of your kit is a good back up.


Regular hooks, swivels (many), 2 bobbers and small jar of bait. While my assumptions are that you will keep moving... what happens if you lose all your lures? You gotta have a back up. :) You could find bait... worms, etc. But it is good to have what you need right there. Once you hit this point, you are into survival fishing.


This is the kit I use anytime I venture a good distance from my vehicle. It is less then 2x6x10 and could be much smaller... there is still lots of room. While you may not have all the stuff you would have in a big tackle box, use can stick this box in your pack and not miss much.

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