*Right On the Money*
By: SleeperNo1
13 February 2007

You will often hear Warlord and other Rubies preaching NOT to store strange foods... store what you normally eat... We also preach watching out for your Rural Area to be over-run by "Friends and Families" (Refugees) in a disaster.. so Living in the Country is NOT the perfect solution many people assume... "The Country" fills up fast during a disaster as city folks "head for the hills", so you STILL have a lot of work to do even after you make it out to the country (Security in layers, safeguarding supplies and equipment, dealing with unknown people [and their Gang member kids], etc).. and one last thing, ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN... Rubies are so used to hearing these things we don't really think about them any more...

As someone who's been there, right on!!!!!

1. Stock food you eat or else you will get the runs. The whole hurricane Katrina ordeal was stressful enough without adding diarrhea to the mix. Plus, we had kids that would have had no interest in eating MREs or cracked wheat or whatever. We brought the same canned goods we ate normally. We dumped them into a pan on the Coleman stove and heated them up and we ate them.

2. It was amazing to see the number of people that found their way into the secluded community where we had our retreat. I mean, normally there is NOTHING there, except a small country store and a sleepy little marina. During the hurricane, it became a city. We saw all manner of headlights each night zooming past in the distance. Our retreat was located way off the road and there was several hundred yards of open space between us and the road. (Nice killing field if necessary). Still, we kept our preps (gasoline, generators, etc) covered up and out of site. Lots of stealing and looting. You have not lived until you walk into a Wal Mart and see NOTHING ON THE SHELVES. I MEAN NOTHING. It had all been stripped bare. If you didn't have it with you, you did without. WE (in our case means, "I") had it all and my ungrateful family survived because of me and the things I learned from this site

3. YOU MUST HAVE A BACKUP PLAN. I originally intended to go to our camp on Toledo Bend but decided to go further North. It is a good thing I had a backup plan. The camp was invaded by all of my dad's leaching relatives. They eventually drove my dad and step mom to abandon the place and go to my brother's house in Hillsboro. I am glad I did not go there. You need to get better than two hours away from where you started. We were two hours away from the evacuation point and still HOARDS of people were all around. Many of them had nothing at all. After about 48 hours, they DESPERATELY wanted my stuff. It ain't pretty but that is how it is.

Look, MANY of us have "Been there, Done That".. We've ACTUALLY bugged out in a major disaster, we've ACTUALLY survived major disasters, We've ACTUALLY used preps.. the Rubicon's methods and preps WORK because the articles are written BY SURVIVORS! CRAP that is shown on many other sites often DOES NOT work because it's not written by people that have actually DONE it, or HAD to depend on "it" for long periods of time.

If it doesn't come from people with "ACTUAL EXPERIENCE", what good is the info? Some sites would have you on foot, with an over-packed "Bug Out Bag" (Refugee Bag) on your back, full of useless crap, headed toward nowhere with No plan to live off the land while competing with thousands of other people... How can these people even PRETEND to know enough to run a Preparedness Website to teach others? When a WebSite bases it's "preparedness teaching" around "Bug Out Bags".. they are HACKS and should be avoided. They OBVIOUSLY have no real experience in Survival, no matter how much they WISH they did, or how cute their slogans and "Hooks". The only "Hook" a site should need is PROVEN FACTS.. if they don't have that, they are just kiddies playing Army, and they'll get you hurt (or worse) when you need accurate information the worst, if you listen to them.

In EVERY major disaster, I've used a can opener MUCH more than I've used a Gun. That's another thing to avoid.. sites that concentrate on Weapons. "Survival" gives them an excuse to buy a bunch of guns... they need to buy a few simple, common, protective weapons, and then spend money on FOOD and supplies. Again, More Hacks! Stick with the people that have ACTUAL EXPERIENCE if you want the best chance of surviving a major disaster.

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