*Lures for Pan fish*
By: DuckMan
14 March 2007

I have been tying jigs since I was 12 or 13 years old . I realized that it was more cost efficient to tie a few jigs before I went fishing than spending umpteen dollars on live bait that had a short life span , and got used only once or twice and was easier to handle. Not to mention my uncle who taught me how to tie and use them was into fishing tournaments where using live bait such as minnows craw fish and the like was considered grounds for disqualification.

The lures I tie are primarily used for pan fish such as Crappie , bluegill , shell cracker and perch . However I have caught every thing from smallmouth Bass to gar on my jigs .


Things You will need to tie your own crappie jigs.

1. Hobby hair or some kind of fake fur or feather. Just remember use colors found in nature.

2. A pair of scissors to cut the fur with

3. jig heads , can be any size depending on what species you like to go after but for our purposes We will use 6 to 9 ounce jig heads.

4. Some kind of thread to tie the fur on the jig .

Step one select a color of fur and snip with you’re scissors a half of a finger length of fur off.


Step two tie the fur on the jig head using any not you prefer it does not matter as long as it gets on there.

Step three. Repeat the process with a different color fur . use colors that go together

like green and yellow or blond and pink . I use pink to imitate blood in the water from an injured bait fish.

When the jig hits the water it will loose some of its fur but not enough to make a Difference.

This lure practically fishes its self if you’re on a boat on a lake let the waves bounce the jig up and down. If you’re fishing from a bank of a pond or river lift the rod up and down ever so slightly so that there is some movement. I guarantee good results.

Happy fishing .

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