*Portable Water Heater Modification*
The NERF Shower
By: Jaden
13 July 2009

I have possession of Sapereaude’s portable hot water heater for the NERF campout. It was set up with only a showerhead and I wondered why it couldn’t be used to heat water for washing dishes too. My plan was to be able to have the showerhead and a garden hose connected at the same time. The garden hose would run in to the kitchen.

"Ports from left to right- LP gas, Hot water out, Cold water in"

The fitting for water IN mates to the male end of a garden hose and the fitting for water OUT is ½” male.

"½” female & male fittings---------------------------------Loose fit"

I wanted to be able to independently control the showerhead and garden hose. At the local hardware store, good brass ball valves were only a few cents different than the el cheapo ones that fit in a garden hose so of course I got the good ones. A ½” fitting fits the showerhead hose and a ¾” fitting fits the garden hose.

"The adapter soldered together"

Plumbing: To move the water around I needed garden hose. I bought a 50’ long one, 5/8 diameter cheaper than a ½” was. I also picked up fittings so that I could cut it.

"50’-------------------------------------------Pump to tank"

This rig has an electric utility pump so we need to get water from a tank, to the pump, then to the water heater and then to the kitchen. I cut 5’ off the hose and put another female end on. This goes from the tank to the pump. Then I cut a 10’ piece of hose and put a female on one end and a male on the other. This goes between the pump and heater. The remaining 35’ has a female end to attach to the water heater adapter and a male on the other end for a nozzle.

"Pump to heater---------------------------------Heater to kitchen"

Here’s the layout on the kitchen floor. The black hose is the LP gas line.


The water heater will hang on the wall and for a stress relief I’ll simply secure the garden hose leading to the kitchen.

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