*Ulu Made Easy*
By Sgt.Splatter
24 December 2002

What I have here is a skinner and a cutting knife. You probably have seen the $60.00 to $150.00 versions.  They work great, but they cost a lot and this will do a very comparable job.   When I was in the Great White North, they showed me a cheap way to make one.  When I saw one being made, it was not much to look at until it came together.

What you will need is a can lid, so open a can of beans and we will start.  Use a size of can lid that you feel will suit your needs and adjust the wood length to suit. Then go out to the neighbors yard and cut a branch from his tree, 1 inch around and 4 inch long.  Next you will need a some string or wire to put this all together.  You can see in this picture all the pieces that will be needed.


Now we split the stick in ½ and insert the can lid between the two pieces of wood.


YOU can put tape over the lid edge, for safety.  Now put the lid in between the 2 halves and tie it all up.


Now you ULU.  Try it out.  You will find it works great for skinning.

Over all you can carve a better handle or make it out of flat wood also.  Sharpen it to your liking but it cuts quite well by itself.
Iíve seen some put together with nuts and bolts on them,  instead of the string.
Oh Yah, You can Eat your can of beans now!!


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