*The Official ETO Survival Bucket*
By: EndTimeObserver
18 September 2004

A survival Bucket, was recovered (after nearly 11 years) in May 2001. Upon inspection of the recovered contents, I was thrilled beyond belief. Everything was in perfect order, just the way I had buried it, in August 1990. All foods were edible, and there was no damage due to condensation or rodents. Enclosed is an updated inventory list of what I call a 30-day bucket. This bucket enables one person to survive for at least 30 days and possibly longer depending on the knowledge of the individual in the art of survival in the wilderness.


Enclosed is a brief statement on how a bucket is put together, where to get the necessary items, and how to make individual food packets. You can add or delete items, but this bucket is what makes up a basic 30-day bucket. If a family had several of these buckets per person, it would only take minutes for them to place these buckets and their individual packets in the family vehicle and be on their way. I have buried these buckets in strategic locations allowing me the flexibility to re-supply my pack should I have to leave on foot. If you know where you are going to relocate you can burry a number of these buckets with different items inside to fulfill your needs.


I have assembled communications buckets, first aid and medical buckets, solar gear buckets etc. Ensure you acquire buckets with lids that have rubber seals as indicated in photo with an arrow. If you cannot find buckets with rubber seals you can use a chafing compound, but the lid and or bucket will be damaged when you open it. Please feel free to make copies of this and send to your friends and family. It is a proven technique. MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU IN THE FUTURE TRIBULATIONS THAT WILL BEFALL OUR COUNTRY.


******Five gallon bucket with rubber seal lid can be found at bakery shops, restaurants and food corps.
1. MRE’s: you can purchase at surplus stores, sporting goods stores, catalogs. I only placed these three meals in this bucket because I have extra.
2. Individual food packets, HOME MADE, (long rice, barley, dried veggies at home with food dryer, corn, carrots, peas, green beans potatoes, etc, 1 teaspoon soup base and/or bullion cubes) sealed with Tilla vacuum sealer machine, usually 20 meals per bucket.
3. 50’-100’ of parachute cord, or small diameter rope.
4. Potassium Iodate, I like supporting Christian Media, PO Box 448, Jacksonville Oregon 97530.
5. Bic lighters, found on sale at local department stores. You can never have enough matches and or lighters to start fires.
6. More boxes of matches. I have waterproofed these with ladies fingernail polish (enamel).

7. Hand pumped flashlight, Russian made (they are the best). Can be purchased through major survival 435 west Alondra Blvd. Gardena Calif. 90248 (1800-441-8855)
8. Bullion cubes found at local department store, Tea bags were placed inside bottles give added wealth to the bucket.
9. One pound of bee pollen. Very good for energy and keeping human immune system high. Can be purchased two for one from Natures Distributor’s Inc. 16508 E. Laser drive, Bldg B, Fountain hills, AZ 85268 (1-800-624-7114). This company is very dedicated and honest and I can usually get 2Lbs for less that $14.00. Only bummer is that it is Chinese pollen
10. Master formula, only can be found at Christian Media, or you can go with Dr. Richard Schultz’s super food (1-800-herb-doc)
11. Energy bars. Can be found in health food stores, I bought these through major surplus.
12. Water purification tablets, can be found at surplus stores, in sporting goods stores, and catalogs. Water filters are nice but might be too expensive for each bucket.
13. Small pen light and rechargeable batteries
14. Survival tabs. Can be found in catalogs, and I think major surplus and Christian media still sell them.
15. Glow sticks are nice but not necessary. These are miniatures for map reading.
16. Toilet paper. Shrunk down in "seal a meal" bags with vacuum sealing machine.
17. 44-hour candle, one or two per bucket. Can be found in survival catalogs.
***** When you are ready to seal. Place a chunk of dry ice in the bottom of the bucket then place all you items in the bucket. Place lid on bucket but do not seal. Wait until the dry Ice is completely evaporated, it will force oxygen out because carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen. Once you are sure the ice is evaporated, seal the bucket tightly and do not open until needed.


Picture 2 is of an individual meal that can be eaten either hot or cold. First you will need a vacuum seal-a-meal. There are two readily available models, Tilla and Foodsaver. These two have proven worthwhile and long lasting. The ingredients were found in the bulk section of a major food store chain. I have gone with grains and dried fruits because there are little or no saturated fats involved (which can spoil the food packet in long term storage). These meals have been proven to stand the test of time. You can use different ingredients, but keep in mind about fats and especially saturated fats as they do cause spoilage. Be sure to check out ingredients for this fact. When preparing these meals to be eaten, either rot or cold water can be used. You must allow 10-15 minute when hot. These meals weight is minimal, 40-50 in your ruck sack (pack) weighs approximately 3 lbs. These meals can also be eaten dry, however water must be consumed with the meal to activate the colon and aid in digestion.

Other things that make meals are long rice; freeze dried meat, dried vegetables, and soup base. The amounts with vary with the people who make these meals.

I pray this paper will help you prepare for the coming hard times, which some of us call the tribulations out of the book of revelations.

The cost of the above meal when made in quantity of 100 works out to be about $.76 apiece.

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