*Tea Light Candle Test*
By: Powder Dry

After getting Buckshot’s, Aluminum Candle Lantern for $9.95, you can find this at www.buckshotscamp.com, look toward the bottom. This is a sweet little light, strong, compact, and you can even worm things with it, using your canteen cup or other medal device. But after getting this light I what I heard about extending the life of the candles. So I got a bag of candles from Walmart and set up a test. Taking four groups #1control, #2 Just Salt, #3 Frozen and #4 booth salt and Frozen.

Taking #2 and #4 putting them in a old spaghetti sauce Jar with 1/8 cup of Epsom Salt and water. Taking Four candles, two of each, I placed them in the mixture and pushed them down with a baby bottle top, to totally cover them with water. Leaving them in this mixture for 35 hours I took them out.

Next, I took #3 and #4 placing them in plastic bags, which is how you would do it in balk, I then placed them in the freezer for 24 hrs. I did not have any prior knowledge of times, so I just guessed.

Taking all eight candles I placed them on a plate and lit them up on the stove.

This I how it came out
#1 Control5:505:50
#2 Salt5:105:50
#3 Freezer5:505:50
#4 Both6:507:10

Please remember this was not 100% scientific by any means, but most went out with in 3 minuets of each other, one of the salt ones, which had a tall flame went out 30 min early, #4 with both lasted the longest. This would be good for longer lasting of your preps and could last all night if you go down after dark. This would be good if you use it as in Buckshot’s “Wilderness Survivor Volume 1” Video. I let the ones in test groups #3 and #4 heat up for about 30 mins and the wax felt room temperature. That is all for now, get out there and practice.

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