*Care and Feeding TIPS for your Tools*
By: Windwalkersc
23 October 2010

These are just a few tips I feel will help with keeping tool up and working when they are needed. I repair power tools each and every day. Hope these help.

Battery and electric drills ,recip. saws circular saws and such. It pays to take a blow gun from your compressor and blow the dust out of the motor area.

Keeping the dust out of your motors will save the wear and tear on brushes and bearings.

Only use a lubricate that dries and leaves the lube behind .Don't use WD-40 on the drill chucks, it doesn't dry and attracts dirt . Same goes for any moving part that is subject to dust or dirt. Plus according to my locksmith friends never use WD in your locks.

Same goes for recip. saws the blade holders need to be flushed out once in a while. Just blow them out then lube them.

Never “Block” the blade guard up. This not only puts the user in danger of contacting the blade and getting cut, but on some models it will hinder the ability of the unit to raise up correctly.

Miter Saws, Same goes here blow dust and dirt out

Once in a while check to make sure all the angles are correct. With wear these can get out a little at a time.

Make sure the blade is installed correctly, nice and tight.

Check the power cords on all tools that have them. When they show signs of wear replace them.

Always read and understand your owners manual.

Air Nail guns

Most nail guns have stamped on them 120 psi max.

With a little use you can find the right psi for your tool. Most Frame nail guns work real good at 95psi. Most finish nail guns, 1/4 inch crown nail guns and brad nail guns work good around 80 to 85 psi.

Now if you are going to run over 100 feet of air hose you may need to increase the psi some. Plus if you are running more than 1 gun at a time.

Oil-less nail guns just need to be blown off and once in a while lube the feed track area.

Oiled nail guns, the manual will most likely say 8to 10 drops. That is fine if you are just doing something that will only take an hour or two.

If you are using your guns on a project that will take a couple days, oil these tools each time you stop using them..ie (to get more nails or wood).

4 or 5 drops of oil will work fine.


If the unit is oil less just keep the water out of the tank, filter clean and any belts tight. Plus blow the thing off once in a while.

Now if it is an oil lubed unit. Keep oil level at correct level and changed about every 100 hours of use.

Clean or change air intake filters.

Always make sure the unit is on a level surface when in use.

Blow the unit off and keep the water drained out of the tank.

The same applies to Generators, power washers.

Battery powered tools.

Same blow out tool.

A little squirt of lube in the battery well will help.

Keep batteries charged and recycle old dead ones.

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