*Wise Shopping Tips*
By: studentnurse
17 July 2004

Ahhh, summer time often brings relatives, friends and co-workers over to your house for a great cookout.

Well since the last time you saw your doctor he reminded you to LOSE the weight. It's no surprise Americans are generally obese. Its all about making better choices with our food at the supermarket. Let's face it when or if TSHTF I won't to be able to maneuver around. Eating right and exercise helps the survivalist be able to maneuver when TSHTF.

When we cook out we cook meat. But did you know there are different meats out there?

Here's a little chart to keep in mind when shopping.

Percent kcalories from Fat in Selected Meats:

Ground Beef

Regular 66%

Lean 57%

Extra lean 54%

Ground Turkey 51%

Ground round-(lean and trimmed) 27%

So the next time you purchase meat to grill , which is it going to be?? Yea , I kow it's expensive but use coupons or anonymous shopper cards Ground round becomes affordable. It will cut your risks of health related illneses down.

All foods must list all ingredients on the label in descending order of predominance by weight. With you knowing that the first ingredient is predominates by weight , you can make healthy choices with your food.

For example Choice A cereal -- puffed milled corn, corn syrup, sugar, molasses .....

Choice B cereal -- 100 % rolled oats.

Choice A canned fruit -- sugar, water, apples

Choice B canned fruit -- apples , water.

As you guess Choice B is the healthier choice . Again , its all about choices that we make at the grocery. Another quick tip, if you purchase milk. Get the jug from the back , the fluorescent lights destroy the essential vitamins that we NEED. We the raising obesity rates in America , I thought an article aiding you in how to make better choices at the supermarket was prudent. Nutrition is an essential part of the survival process. after all you wouldn't put bad Fuel in your car, so we do we chose bad fuel to put in our bodies?????? When TSHTF you want to be in the best physical shape you can be in.


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