*Wooden Match Storage Bottle*
By: Landwire
27 June 2013

For numerous reasons, and in several places, I keep wooden matches. Over time and use, the boxes tend to break down before I am finished using all the matches. Once the box breaks down, the matches tend to wander off. Also, being made of paper, the box can be damaged by water. Too much water and the matches are useless. So I started storing my matches in peanut butter jars.

After posting this on the boards, several members suggested that I place the strike surfaces underneath the lid. Taking their advice, I now have this:

With the strike surface under the lid, I was also told I need to have a shield of sort in place to prevent accidental match striking. I cut up an old manila folder and used some duct tape to make a handle.

Now I can store my matches in a container that won't break down and keep them dry. As long as I have the lid, I will always have a strike surface to light the matches.


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