*Recycling Lumber and Nails*
By: Jaden
30 April 2007

You know, it’s amazing the amount of good material that goes to waste. I scrounged some 2x4 lumber and smaller pieces of 3/8” plywood from a construction project. My FIAB (fan in a box) is constructed entirely using (good) scrap lumber.


The shorter 2x4 pieces range from 12-24 inches and are flawless. The plywood averages 2 foot square and is flawless and I picked up about a dozen pieces of it.

The longer 2x4’s are about 6 feet long and had nails in them. No problem, I’ve been doing this since I was a kid.

Drive the nail down--------------------Pull it out

I found a couple of nails that I couldn’t pull. Simple fix. Use a fulcrum and the nail will pull out.


If nails are bent over, they are easy to remove.

Bent over--------------------------Use Claw to pry up----------------------------Nail pried up

Then the nail can be driven down and pulled out.

When I got done “denailing” the lumber I wound up with a good ˝ box of 16-penny nails. Some were bent, but they can be straightened and reused. To straighten, simply lay it on a piece of wood and hammer it back straight.


Any scraps that I don’t use become firewood.


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