*Wood Splitter Operations*
By: Jaden
25 April 2007

Wood splitters are a simple yet dangerous tool to use. There is always the potential of getting fingers or other extremities in the wrong place and mangling or amputating them. They run using hydraulics so thereís a potential for a line rupture, which would not be good at several thousand PSI.

Hereís a look at this splitter.

Hydraulic fluid reservoir & dipstick

Motor & pump


The hydraulic fluid needs to be checked frequently to ensure that the correct amount is in it. If not, the machine might not operate correctly and the pump could be ruined. Whenever the hydraulic fluid is changed, the filter should be changed too.

Hydraulic oil filter

Control handle


Ok, when cracking up wood watch yourself.

Good pinch points!! Here are 4 places to get yourself into trouble!

Iím not sure how many tons of pressure is behind that wedge, but Iím gonna guess and say around 12 tons. Itíll gobble up a piece of knotty twisted pine or spruce so it WONíT have much mercy on your body parts!

It doesnít take long to start cracking up some serious firewood. Mine works in both the vertical & horizontal position.

This thing makes short work of what used to be a time consuming project of splitting by hand.

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