*Can You Carry 8000 liters of Safe Water In Your Pocket*
By: Drstevedc
29 October 2009

I had a problem with how to safely sanitize drinking water while on the move. The solution I found is with a Steripen portable UV lamp, 8 NiMh batteries (2 is 1) and a small solar charger.

I put 4 batteries in charger and hang it outside or on bag to charge. 4 batteries take 10-14hrs to fully charge, 2 batteries take 4-6 hrs according to manufacturer. I just let it sit in the sun and change the angle once in a while. If you were backpacking you could leave it on your pack to gather what sun it could. I also use this battery recharging unit with AA’s for the LED mini mag conversion by Nite Eyz and my emergency radio. I like to get gear that uses same batteries.

Website specs: “The Steripen takes 4 AA NiMh and sterilizes about (100) 16oz treatments or (30) 32oz treatments with a full charge. Lamp life is 8000 liters”. Replacement lamps are a “send back to factory” proposition, but only cost $20 plus shipping and they service your unit at the same time. The only things that affect effectiveness are turbidity (clarity) of water, so let settle and pour off clear separation before sterilization. You are supposed to stir water during run time 48sec for 16oz & 90sec for 32oz. Website specs claim: “SteriPEN’s ultraviolet light is proven to destroy in excess of 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% protozoa.” I’ve used it on rainwater off the roof and on creek water after a good rain. The roof definitely tasted better.


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