I can't say enough good things about

Yes, I can usually find some of the things they have a little cheaper elsewhere (and sometimes not), but they have worked with us EVERY STEP of the way with our solar project, and have saved us a LOT of money by making recommendations.. since we are such regular customers, and they are a small business, they almost know our system as good as we do, and can say "This may be a better choice for your system than that" (Even if the new thing is cheaper, meaning they lose a little money).

Whenever we've had a problem, they have been RIGHT THERE to help, and their communication via e-mail (or phone) is excellent... we ran into a problem ordering some larger ticket items because our debit cards only allow us to spend 1500 bux per day, so they just broke up the charges over two days and kept us informed the whole time.

Again, you might find it a LITTLE bit cheaper some place else, but the CONSISTENTLY excellent customer service from affordable-solar just can't be beat... VERY good people to deal with, ESPECIALLY when you have a problem... It's easy to provide good service a time or two, but they've been doing it for us for several YEARS.

...And they get your stuff to you FAST (Which is VERY important, since we all like to get our toys---errrr-- "Important Equipment", fast ;) .. one of the few companies I have NEVER had anything bad to say about.

So, if you need something they have, consider them.. they are good people, and good people to deal with... AND they won't sell you crap and say it's diamonds...


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