Mary Bell's "Just Jerky"

You like Jerky? Most of us do... it's almost addictive! The problem with store-bought jerky is: you never know what you are getting. Was quality meat used? Are there lots of chemical additives? How clean was the plant where it was made? What else may be in there? These questions and several others jump into my mind when I look at jerky in the store... and the price! Why is this stuff so expensive???

Enter Mary Bell's new book "Just Jerky". Ms. Bell sent us a copy of her books, and I must say she VERY nice to talk to. We had been hearing very respected people talk about two of her books, "Just Jerky" and "The Complete Dehydrator Cookbook" (see next review) on the chat rooms, and with the reviews these people were giving these books, we HAD to give em a look over!!!!

Ms. Bell shows you how to make excellent jerky every time, at a fraction of the cost of store-bought. You think it's too hard to do? No Way! She walks you through the process using your oven, a dehydrator or smoker and strips of ground beef, fish, poultry, venison... and even soy protein for you adventurous folks. I always thought that making jerky was a hard, time consuming process... WRONG!

You want recipes for marinades? They are in here.. from the simple to the exotic. Mary also shows you that you can use jerky for much more than just back packing or hunting. Recipes that contain jerky are here in abundance! Other chapters include Safety, Equipment, "What is it?" and many others.

Low fat, low calorie, high protein... Not only is jerky good, it's good FOR you!

This is the COMPLETE guide to jerky! This is another MUST HAVE for your survival library or kitchen!!!!

Would WE Buy It?:
YES! We consider this book a MUST HAVE for any survival kitchen or library! If there is a better book on the subject,we have never seen it (and I don't think there is another book devoted solely to Jerky)!

Technical Specs:
Paperback, 9 Chapters, index, 139 pages

Excellent book, well written and detailed. For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase, this book from Amazon by clicking HERE!

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