*Book Review: The Prepper's Blueprint*
By: Tooshie Galore
28 October 2016

I purchased The Prepper's Blueprint by Tess Pennington as a Christmas gift. I'm always looking for ways to encourage family to get prepared and find that Christmas trinkets work well. Unfortunately, I don't find this book to be what I had hoped.

For less than $20 on Amazon, you get an 8.5" x 12" x 1" thick paperback published in 2014. All 462 pages weigh in at two pounds. This is a mountain-trove of resource material.

On top of that, the author has five-star qualifications for writing this book. She is the founder of Ready Nutrition, a blog and storefront that focuses on homesteading, food storage and self-reliance. She is formally trained in emergency and disaster management response with the American Red Cross.

It's an easy read. There's no fluff, it's direct and on point but it's a copy and paste from several of the author's blog postings which means there is a lot of repetition of information. It's self-published. A professional editing would be beneficial as there are several small missteps in grammar. Also, there are several pages with too much wasted space. This would probably be a 250-page book with professional formatting.

As for the content, however, it's really, really, good stuff. Each chapter begins with an article from current emergency-events – I like that – it makes it real. There is an abundance of checklists and each chapter ends with a list of preps to buy and actions items. There are loads of references and Internet URLs for more information sprinkled throughout. However, my favorite thing about the book is the way it's organized, by varying degrees of preparedness:

The book is comprehensive. She covers every aspect of moving toward a more self-sustaining lifestyle and preparing for the unexpected.

In my opinion, this book is best suited for the person who has been working at prepping for about a year and is now looking for checklists as a way to get better organized. For anyone prepping three years or longer, the information is simply too basic.

The reason I won't be giving The Prepper's Blueprint as a gift is because of its sheer size and heft. My fear is that someone new to prepping will become overwhelmed and give up. The lists of "what to buy" are staggering and it lacks in information about "why" you need it and encouragement in training for "how" to use it.

The book says "First Edition" on the front. In my opinion it's a great start for a new author and with some tweaking could one day become the bible of all preppers everywhere.

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Tooshie Galore

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