*Booster PAC ES2500*
By: NorthSlope
23 April 2010

This a product review of the Booster PAC ES2500, the Booster PAC is a 12V 900 peak amp portable power source and jump starter that is powered by a sealed lead-acid battery.

I purchased this unit in June 2008 from a local NAPA store. I can't remember what it was originally priced at, but after some haggling with the store owner, whom I know, it cost me $95.

I'm very pleased with this unit, it appears to be a higher quality than other run of the mill booster packs I've used in the past. I've used this pack to start everything from farm tractors to vehicles with dead batteries. There is some debate as to how many Amps it takes to start a vehicle, but this unit has been used twice, when temps were below freezing to start two vehicles with 5.7 liter V-8s. (the batteries were so dead that the dome lights weren't lit) The Booster PAC cranked and started the engines without hesitation.

What's in the box: Booster PAC (pictured above), instruction manual, AC charging unit and a 12Vdc male-male extension cord.


The Booster PAC does have some short comings in my opinion; The unit is made in China, it hooks-up to the battery "hot", this isn't a problem for me, but it bothers my wife. The biggest issue I have is, the booster cables are only a foot long, in my opinion they should be six inches to a foot longer, but all things considered I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a Booster PAC again.


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