Boston on Surviving Y2K

If you're new to the concept of Y2K survivalism and need a jumpstart primer, or if you've been preparing and have hit a planning plateau, this is the book to buy! Boston T. Party covers the basic concepts of the Y2K problem in layman terms, along with everything you need to know to go from plan formation to implementation. I've spent the past two years scouring the Internet with a fine-toothed comb to obtain relevant facts on Y2K to share with visitors to my website; you can find virtually all the same information in this 300+ page book. In keeping with the most basic tenet of survivalism, Boston advises to prepare for the worst case scenario then describes the probabilities associated with both ends of the spectrum.

Topics include:

...and dozens of other subjects! If you want to get up to speed, or just tie up loose ends and find web-surfiing unsatisfactory for filling in the gaps, Surviving Y2K can help you get back on track.

The Down Side:

The only one I can think of is that it's not a complete survival encyclopedia set. You'll still need a few other books on specific skills, techniques and procedures like canning, animal husbandry, etc. - but this is the book for covering the big-picture bases.

Would WE Buy It?:

Absolutely, positively, and without a doubt! This is another one of those "investment" books that's invaluable for all survivalists regardless of the disaster you're preparing for.

Technical Specs:

You can order this book directly from Paladin Press at their website. To visit the Paladin Press website, or read more about Boston on Surviving Y2K, just click on the addy below!

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