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By: Warlord
1998... Updates: 2001, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2015

Brigade Quartermasters is one of the Largest Online/Mail-Order Catalog Stores on the planet. Why? Because they LISTEN to the their customers, and they give those customers EXACTLY what they want. They don't try to "Push you into buying what they have", they simply "Have what *YOU* want"!

They have a HUGE selection of newest, and best, products for our brave Military Men and Women, For Law Enforcement Officers, Survivalists, Outdoors Types, etc... AT FAIR PRICES!

Sometimes companies "Outgrow themselves"... They get HUGE, FAST, and their Services can't keep up with the speed at which the company is growing. Some Companies get SO BIG and successful that they start acting like "So a few customers are complaining, what are a few customers going to do to OUR HUGE bottom line? Nothing!"
WHEN that happens, a company QUICKLY finds out that "Word Spreads", and there are A LOT of other competitors out there who are HUNGRY for EVERY Customer that becomes disgruntled by "A Big Uncaring Company". 'One disgruntled Customer' becomes 'Two disgruntled Customers', then Three, and each of those Customers talks to other 'potential customers'. People post their experiences online where THOUSANDS of other potential customers read those experiences... Suddenly, the "Once HUGE Company" watches their 'Bottom Line' take a DRASTIC turn for the worse. When THAT happens, a Company MUST do *SOMETHING* FAST! The Companies that depend on "PAST Momentum", "PAST Performance and Reputation", and don't DO something about problems, fall by the side of the road as OTHER Companies snap up their customers.

Companies that take a HARD LOOK at their 'Problem Areas', and FIX THOSE PROBLEMS, Continue to grow and prosper.

Back in 1998 we had some 'Pretty serious issues' with Brigade's Customer Service Department that caused us to stop ordering ANYTHING from them! Like most people, I VALUE my Personal Privacy; I EXPECT my Banking, and other personal information, to be JEALOUSLY Guarded... NO EXCUSES! I want to be treated like an individual HUMAN BEING, NOT like "Just another number that someone HAS to deal with during their day, before they can go home and forget about 'Customer Number 654321'". I want to feel like MY ORDER is IMPORTANT to the Company I'm Ordering From. I want my Orders Shipped QUICKLY and Delivered PROMPTLY! I work VERY HARD for my money, and I'm as kind and understanding as a person will allow me to be. I show respect for others, and I expect to BE respected in return. That's NOT how I was being treated AT ALL in 1998... I tried to resolve the issues, and things just kept going downhill. I finally told "the nice lady" that she could see our Product and Service Review Page in a few days for a review of my experiences with them... She 'literally' snickered at me!
Well, OK, I can understand that, Because let's be honest: "Who am I?" I own a few little Websites here and there, big deal... She didn't know me from Adam's House-Cat.
But IT SHOULDN'T MATTER if I'm 'just a few-dollars-per-year Customer', Or 'a Website Owner with MILLIONS of hits World-Wide, and a supplier of training information to the various U.S. War Colleges'.

Before too long, SOMEONE at Brigade Quartermasters soon got wind that they had a PROBLEM where a problem should not exist, and that it was getting WORSE! They Contacted me and told me "they had taken steps to Correct THAT worsening Situation"! I'm not sure WHAT they did, but it made ME think it was something like: "Took a CHAINSAW to their ENTIRE Customer Service Department!"

Whatever they did, We are VERY happy to report that their Service Departments (Note the Plural) QUICKLY got REVAMPED! The difference was INCREDIBLE! Orders are now promptly shipped, the 'return process' has been straightened out and GREATLY simplified. Your personal information is JEALOUSLY GUARDED, and they treat EACH PERSON like a UNIQUE HUMAN BEING!
... And that's VERBATIM what I told my friends at "AAFES" in 2009, when asked.
Look, We ALL know that some people just CAN NOT be pleased... it's just their nature. However, if a customer CAN be pleased, Brigade now works HARD to see that their customers ARE pleased!

We've watched their customer service very closely since then, and the 'constant problems' have STOPPED... if there is a "Problem" now, it's a good bet it's "one of those people who just CAN NOT be pleased". It's EASY now to speak with a live representative when you have the rare problem, and they are prompt and GENUINELY courteous.

Would WE Buy From Them?
Since the constant customer service problems have been fixed, we deal with them ON A REGULAR BASIS, and Recommend them to anyone who asks, as do many of our team members. We received several polite E-mails from the Company assuring us that these problems had been taken care of, and they CONTINUED to check to be sure we've had no problems MULTIPLE times since! They REALLY stepped up to the Plate! We were really glad to see they were back on the fast track, and CONTINUE to keep up the GREAT SERVICE now that they've been purchased by "Ira Green, Inc."!

In early 2010 "Brigade Quatermasters" was purchased by "Ira Green, Inc.", a leading supplier to the United States military exchange system. Ira Green, Inc. continues to build on the history and spirit of the original Brigade Quartermasters platform as they continue to offer only the best products available in the market. Customers can find their items, marketed under the "BrigadeQM" brand, in AAFES locations around the world, in their BrigadeQM TFX retail locations, and on their BrigadeQM website.
Their online catalog address is:

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