Buckshot's Trapping Equipment

If you are interested in traps and snares Buckshot's has everything you need.

Modern self locking snares

  • 1 doz small game snares for rabbits, squirrels up to ground hogs $13.95
  • 1 doz Meduim game snares for beaver, raccoon, fox, coyotes $15.95
  • 1 doz Camlock snares designed for coyote but the best survival deer or hog snare on the market $23.95. animals up to 150 pounds
  • 1 doz Heavy duty Kiefer lock hog snares can be used on deer or hog over 200 pounds $23.95

    Want a test assortment of snares? Then the Emergency snare kit is for you.
    6 small game, 6 meduim game and 2 camlocks snares, belt pouch, written instruction, and a small roll of support wire $29.95.

    Want long term quick kill traps? Get some conibears.

  • 110 conibear $5.95 ea awesome trap squirrel rabbit size animals
  • 220 conibear $11.95 ea awesome trap for coons, ground hog size animals
  • 330 conibear $17.95 ea The best beaver trap on the market for a beginner
  • Setting tool for 220-330 $9.95

    Want a book on trapping?
    Buckshots Modern Trappers guide $15.95 covers everything from traps to tracks to selling pelts, to tanning, to cleaning game to eat, to recipes and much more. A full chapter on Q & A.

    New to Trapping and learn better fom video? Buckshot has a complete video library to share with you.
    #1 Beginning trapping
    #2 10 homemade traps
    #3 Predator Trapping
    #4 Water Trapping
    #5 Cleaning Game for the Table
    #6 Survival Snaring
    #7 Busting Snapping Turtles

    Survivor Vol. 1 2 hours long survival cover trapping snaring, fire, shelter and much more.

    All videos are $18.85 ea or $49.95 for 3 videos or 4 videos for $59.95 or 5 for $69.95 or 6 for $79.95 in any combo.

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