Buckshot's Trapping Videos

"Trapping"... that experience is kinda alien to most of us... Sure - in a survival situation we'll whip out our wire snares, string 'em everywhere and catch food. WRONG!

That was always my attitude about trapping; I envisioned the fur-cloaked trapper wandering around the wilderness looking for beaver to kill and make some more clothes out of, or to send down river to the trading post. There is SO much more to it!

When I first started talking to Buckshot on the Internet a while back, I thought he had some good information, but how hard could trapping be? And since I wasn't much interested in fur I looked to it as more of a survival skill if I HAD to do it. Ok, so Buckshot sent me 7 videos he'd made about trapping and I sat down to be bored. All I can say after watching this set is that the amount of information I DIDN'T know could fill 7 videos! There is so much information covered on these 7 trapping videos that it is simply hard to believe.

I immediately knew this was something VERY important for people who are preparing for long-term survival. There is enough food caught on these tapes to keep a man overweight for a LONG time. Buckshot makes it look easy, and his instructions are so clear I am confident that, if I follow the methods shown on these tapes, my family will eat well!

Buckshot has the cool manner that comes with being a professional in your field... It's obvious he knows this business inside and out. He was playing with BIG traps like they wouldn't break his hands and I kept saying 'How does he have ANY fingers left????' He catches several animals that are obviously intent on chewing him a new orifice in his body, and he goes on talking like it's nothing at all.

I know, I know, it seems that everyone from dishwashers to stable shovelers is a "Professional" nowadays, but when I say the word "Professional" I mean it! You'll come away from watching these videos with a whole new confidence! Buckshot knows these traps in detail and shows how to work them over and over again. Using MANY different types of traps, he demonstrates his methods for how to set them up, where to set them up, animal runs, signs, scents, how to modify traps, skin animals, prepare them and so much more it's incredible. I can say with certainty, with this video set and the traps he discusses, YOU WILL EAT!

To Be honest, I always felt that I could take my shotgun and get food... But why waste time and shells and make noise? Buckshot catches more in a day than I could shoot in a month, all while he's at home doing other things! That's a very important survival tool!

The tapes Cover:
Tape one: Survival- Beginning Trapping
Tape two: 10 Homemade Traps
Tape Three: Predator Trapping
Tape Four: Water Trapping
Tape Five: Preparing Wild Game For The Table
Tape Six: Survival Snaring (With Buckshot and Bill)
Tape Seven: Bear Cub
It's an EXCELLENT survival set!

The Down Side:
The videos are home videos with no fancy editing, done with a camcorder, but you won't notice that for very long; the information takes over and is riveting.

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes, this is an important part of any well-rounded survival library. I am also including the traps shown in this set in my survival stores.

Technical Specs:
7 videos of varying length. Buckshot also offers classes on trapping as well as selling traps and snares... all are top quality.

You can order these videos directly from Buckshot at his online store...http://www.buckshotscamp.com

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