Close Combat
by:U.S. Marine Corps

This is an excellent reprint of the U.S. Marine Corps' most recent "Close Combat manual" Dated 18 Feb 1999. It's an excellent reference guide and "how to" manual for learning Hand to Hand fighting, disarming opponents, Bayonet techniques, knife fighting and many other areas that a Marine must be proficient with to win on the world's Battlefields!

As bad as us Army people HATE to admit it, the Marines are no-nonsense fighters, every soldier is a rifleman, everyone fights. This is the manual that helps them stay alive!

Technical Specs:
Paper Back
11 x 8.5 inches
8 chapters, many sub-chapters, and 2 Appendices
MANY pictures and Drawings
Chapters Cover:
Fundamentals of Close Combat (8 sub-chapters)
Lethal and Nonlethal Weapons Techniques (4 sub chapters)
Hand-Held Weapons (8 sub-chapters)
Strikes (5 sub chapters)
Throws (3 Sub-Chapters)
Chokes and Holds (3 Sub-Chapters) Ground Fighting (3 Sub-Chapters) Nonlethal Techniques (2 Sub-Chapters)

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