Crown Nissan Of Greenville SC

For Christmas of 2005 I decided to upgrade PaleHorse's Nissan Xterra 4WD with a Brush Guard and Side Window Vent covers.. the ice storm here in South Carolina this December proved to us that each 4WD vehicle needed a brush guard (Downed trees EVERYWHERE)!

I called the Crown Nissan Service department and told them I was a disabled vet and wanted to have them put a brush guard and side window vent covers on the Xterra since I couldn't do it myself. I was told we'd have to bring the vehicle down and pre-pay for the work before they'd order the parts.

PaleHorse took the Xterra down there and they didn't even come out to look at it, so that was a wasted trip, we could have paid for it over the phone (We live out in the country, so It's a LONG drive down there)... We were told they would call us when the parts came in so we could take the Nissan BACK down there to have them installed... the price was 400+ dollars. I thought about just buying the parts MUCH cheaper from a local parts store, but since I couldn't put them on, I needed to have Crown do it, so I might as well just buy it all from Crown... all this was explained to them up front... I was assured we were all on the same page, "Parts and labor, 400+ dollars".. We paid UP FRONT.

The Brush Guard and side window vents came in, but we weren't notified.. we finally called down there and they had been in for some time. We were then told that to have them put on the Xterra would be another 400+ dollars!

400+ dollars is one thing, 800+ dollars is twice another.. but they'd already stuck us for the inflated price of the parts by making us pay for them up front.. we had to let Crown stick us with another 400+ Dollars... no choice.

TWO DAYS after the one year mark of our vehicle purchases, the CD player in one of the Xterras died.. we were told it was only covered for ONE year on warranty, "So sorry"... TWO DAYS...

I have talked to the service manager both times, and they would not budge on their position. They freely admitted the brush Guard and window Vent covers quote was their mistake, however we'd still have to pay to have the parts put on!

We have bought TWO 35,000+ dollar vehicles from Crown in the last year and a half, and had several other options installed on both.. it was ALWAYS a hassle, we ALWAYS had to pay for the parts and work up front (And the price always included installation, and the fact that we needed the parts installed this time too was explained to them before they quoted the price)... these two final insults were the last straw.. we will no longer do business with this company... their deceptive sales tactics are not worth the hassle, in my opinion, when there are other, reputable, dealers that can do the job as good, or better, without the hassles and constant mistakes... we'll be taking our money elsewhere from now on.

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