Ditch Medicine
Advanced Field Procedures for Emergencies
by: Hugh L. Coffee

It doesn't matter where you are, or what the situation is, if you, a team member, family member or friend is injured, you do what you have to do to save their life or treat the condition! Period! As survivalists we know that we pmay not always have access to a sanitary emergency room and a half-asleep doctor in the middle of the night. If that time comes, this is the book to have! This book teaches advanced field procedures for small wound repair, pain control, care of infected wounds, IV therapy, amputations, treatment of burns, airway procedures and much much more.

This book is writen in straightforward language for those who don't know an artery from a anuerism, and step-by-step proceedures are discussed in great detail. Pictures of suturing, debriding wounds and many other items show you what a thousand words can't describe. So many techniques and how-to's are discussed that there isn't room here to elaborate on all of them. Let's just say this book is pretty complete. Pair it with a few other reference manuals and you greatly increase your chances of saving a loved one's life in a disaster situation!

The Down Side:
None, well thought out with lots of diagrams and procedure pictures

Would WE Buy It?:
Oh Yes! Our Alpha team medic has already made this book part of his personal library and is recommending it to others for their reference library. I consider this to be a companion to the US Army's Special Forces Medical handbook.

Technical Specs:
Book size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, w/photos and illustrations., 224 pages.
ISBN 0873647173

You can order this book directly from Paladin Press at their website. To visit the Paladin Press web site, or read more about Ditch Medicine just click on the addy below!

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